Best practices related to data management

Data life cycle

A well managed data follows different stages. The stages covers everything from collection and archiving to distribution and analyzes. The start of the lifecycle is a management plan for handling the data over time.

Data management plan

A plan is needed during the entire data lifecycle to ensure good documentation and management of your data. The plan describes what you will do with the data and also after the completion of the project. The plan is meant to ensure that the collected data is preserved, and relevant and useful for yourself and for other potential users. The plan should be a living document used throughout the data lifecycle, which means that it has to be reviewed on a regular basis.

U.S. Geological Survey has published the USGS Data Management Website organized according to the USGS Scientific Data Lifecycle Model, which describes the stages of data management and how data flow through a research project from start to finish.

Data Observation Network for Earth, DataONE has created a set of education modules that can be recommended for capacity building on data management: