Metadata is information that provides knowledge about your modeled and collected data. It answers the questions – who, what, where, when, how, why.

It is important that the provided information initially have the goal of being useful to other people than only the creator. To ensure the discovery and future benefit of your collected data is it necessary to create a metadata management side by side with the management of the data. However, it is not enough to describe your data entirely to your liking. To make the information of your data become searchable and available, the data must be described in the same way – here standards come to our help.

The chosen standard for metadata for Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure is ISO19115. The standard can be a bit hard to comprehend, therefore we provide you with a metadata guideline and a tool, a metadata editor, that will make it easier to document your data accordingly.

When making data widely available through an SDI it is recommended to include quality related metadata. It is e.g. important to clearly inform users about potential risks and weaknesses with both the data and the services providing the data. Some users may be very sensitive to errors and/or misinterpretations.