Data Distribution – Best practices


We strive for interoperability when building a common spatial data infrastructure, but what is it? Here you will find a brief introduction and also links to more information.

Create Metadata

Providing metadata is fundamental when publishing data to be easy accessible in the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure.
Publishers and data consumers may be unknown to each other, which means it is very important to provide
information that helps human users and computer applications to understand the data as well as other important
aspects that describes a dataset or a distribution.
Here are guidelines and tools that can be helpful when creating metadata for your datasets.

Create Distribution Services, API’s

If your data should be directly accessible via the web you need to create a distribution service. Here you can find OGC standards as well as tools that can help you enable interoperable Application Programming Interfaces, API’s, to your datasets.

License your data

I general it is recommended to provide a licence for your data, see examples like